Why use gohenry?

It’s the smart solution to enable 6-18 year olds to gain confidence with money, learning under your guidance. And it makes your life as a parent just that little bit easier.

Learning by doing

You set the ground rules and give your children the independence to manage their own money. They’ll soon grow in confidence, developing good money habits for life. And they’ll love the freedom and responsibility gohenry brings.

Easy for you

We know pocket money can sometimes be a hassle, so we’ve made everything simple. Set the weekly allowance, add some tasks and gohenry takes care of pocket money automatically. It makes family money management a positive experience.

Some ground rules

With gohenry you can be sure that your children and teenagers are protected by your own rules, tailored for each of your children. Decide how much, how often and where they can spend. No debt or overdraft is possible, so no expensive mistakes.

Earn, save & spend

Whether earning by completing tasks, saving for something special or spending within budget, all are brought to life by gohenry. Watch your children enjoy saving and develop an understanding of the value of money, with the ability to make good financial choices.

Out & about

Wherever you or your children are, at home or abroad, gohenry is always there. Make an instant transfer to your teenager for the school trip or quickly change a limit for that special purchase. Up-to-the-minute for all of your children in one place.

Money confidence...

Takes minutes to setup,
lasts a lifetime

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