What if a genuine transaction has been blocked?

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What if a genuine transaction has been blocked?

Because we rely on retailers classifying themselves correctly, it is possible that a perfectly innocent transaction will be blocked.

A good example would be purchasing food in a cafe or restaurant, where the cafe has classified themselves as a alcohol retailer; this would cause the gohenry card to be declined. Another example is certain Leisure Centres who, because they often have slot machines on the premises, are classified a gambling establishments - again, in these cases, gohenry cards will be refused. There is no way of unblocking this transaction, instead we advise you to go to a cash machine, withdraw the money and pay with cash. Clearly this doesn’t cover everything. For example, we don’t block supermarkets (which most young people use regularly) or petrol station forecourt shops, both of which sell alcohol and cigarettes – in these situations we have to rely on retailers meeting their legal requirements as retailers and checking ID.

In the same way, online retail technology is not advanced enough as yet to block the purchase of individual age-restricted items from generalist retailers such as supermarkets or Amazon. This means that there is the possibility that a child may be able to order items inappropriate for their age on the internet if the retailer chooses not to check their age before completing the transaction or if the child simply ticks the box asking them to declare that they are over a certain age.