5 of The Most Expensive Christmas Presents Ever

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what presents we plan on buying our loved ones. It’s also a fun time to have a look at what people with more...let’s say, extravagant taste might be buying this Christmas. We did some searching, and these are 5 of the top most expensive Christmas Presents around.

iPhone XS - of course, this one had to make the list. There’s been a lot of talk on this little smartphone recently. Not only for its INSANE camera quality (it might actually be better than our eyesight) - but the price tag has certainly turned a few heads. Coming in as the most sought-after iPhone to date, ranging from £999 to £1149, the iPhone X is more than likely to appear on a few Christmas wish lists this year!

A Trip to Santa’s Holiday Village in Lapland - This is the ultimate Christmas gift experience. Not only are you surrounded by snow, lights, and Huskies (OMG), but you’ll also get to see where the big bearded guy in red actually resides. It might be the most magical trip ever, and it’s all yours for about £1700. Per person.

Socks - No, really. But these aren’t just any socks. These are Falke, Luxury Socks. Socks have been a time honoured tradition in almost everyone’s Christmas Stockings. Usually forcing us to put on our best fake smile and muttering a polite “Oh, thanks… these are just what I wanted”. But at £495, we’d be doing more jaw-dropping than feigned delight.

Giant Teak Chess Board - Board games are another great tradition at Christmas. Hey, in fact, why not buy your loved one this GIANT Chess board - it will only cost you £1,500. Yep. That’s right - a chess board for over £1k. For that price, we hope the pieces move like the ones in Harry Potter!

SuperNova Intel Core 197980XE Extreme Overlocked PC - in layman's terms - the fanciest gaming PC ever. It’s the ultimate geek gift, pure perfection. You can basically morph into your World of Warcraft character with this hunk of tech. Thinking of buying it for your sibling? You’d better have a spare £13,499.99 lying around!

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