International Women’s day quotes from our team (and their Mums)

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day in the same week has got us feeling the female empowerment. We decided to go to the goHenry team and ask some of our favourite women a few questions each and ended up with some pretty phenomenal advice.
Take a look at their answers for yourself...

What's the best advice your Mother ever gave you?

Rachel, Content & Community Manager - If anyone ever bullies you, just hit them - I’ve tried it and it works.

Alice, Operations Administrator - There is no such thing as 'normal' so you should just be yourself.

Lisa, Member Services Manager - Your Child's life revolves around you, not yours around them.

Ruth, Operations Manager - her advice when I had my first baby was invaluable, I could not have done it without her.

Isabella, Member Services - I would have to say it would be to treat others as you wish to be treated, be kind and be thoughtful but stand for your beliefs.

Sandrine, Data Protection Consultant - Be nice, the world is a small town.

Rosie, Copywriter - Happiness is a choice!

Halima, Payments & Risk Manager - My mum always told me to be grateful, to think of the unprivileged, donate to charity, remain humble no matter what. Also to never chase a MAN!!

Aparna, Quality Tester - Have patience, time will solve the problem.

Louise, Brand Project Manager - Be true to yourself

What's the best piece of advice you'd give young girls today?

Emanuela, Digital Marketing Manager - Fear for your future is wasted energy. Ask yourself: "what's the worst that could happen?" Have the audacity to do something for others which motivates you to be a better person.

Beth, Member Services - To remember that we are all individuals, we think and look differently. To not compare yourself to others. Work for your dreams, don't just sit back and see how it turns out.

Alice, Operations Administrator - go after what you want in life and don't let anyone tell you that you can't get it.

Ruth, Operations Manager - To spend the same amount of time nurturing their 'inside' as they do their outside. It is what is on the inside that counts.

Sandrine, Data Protection Consultant - Be persistent.

Debbie, Member Services - To follow your dreams. Don't give up on things you want to achieve. To never be scared to ask for help, but most of all be happy.

Rosie, Copywriter - Never compare yourself, what makes you unique really is what makes you beautiful

Halima, Payments & Risk Manager - be comfortable with who you are and do not feel like you have to explain or be sorry for who YOU ARE!! self-love is key and too many women forget how beautiful and unique they are, just being themselves. Self-celebration!!!

Talia, Risk Analyst - Enjoy life to the fullest - don't get fixated on making it seem like you're enjoying it on social media.

Aparna, Quality Tester - have small tasks in your life achieve it and be happy.

What would you like to see for all women in the next 10 years?

Leslie, Member Services Supervisor - Not to be so harsh on each other and to be more supportive.

Rosie, Copywriter - I'd like women to have the choice to do whatever they want.

Emanuela, Digital Marketing Manager - I strongly believe anything "for the good of women" is always going to be "for the good of society" so I would like for society NOT to see women as different compared to men in the next 10 years.

Ruth, Operations Manager - That the role of being a mother is no longer undermined as it is presently, but, given it's true value as one of the most important pieces of work a woman can do. ( and I am not suggesting going back to the 1950's I'm just saying there should be respect for this role in society).

Sandrine, Data Protection Consultant - Free, legal, and safe access to women healthcare.

Rachel, Content & Community Manager - Equal pay, but I really hope it doesn’t take 10 years!

Leslie, Member Services Supervisor - Not to be so harsh on each other and to be more supportive.

Debbie, Member Services - I would like to see women fully equal to men and recognised as such. I also think the government should make it easier for Mum's to return to work so they can continue and further their careers in the same way men can.

Halima, Payments and Risk Manager - Unity, positivity, women to help inspire other women (let's stop hating or bringing each other down) encourage growth. To see women being equal to men in all area's of employment status and PAY!

Beth, Member Services- Equal rights, in the workplace; equal pay. The ability to receive education for all women.

Isabella, Member Services- Strength, Independence and support of not only themselves but of others

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