Top money games for kids

What are the best money games that’ll help teach kids all the skills they need to be responsible spenders? Well, this is something that we’ve been wondering about too. Read on to see our top 5 favourites:

1) How to budget with your pocket money

This book by Annie Chisambo is our number one. Though this is a book as opposed to a game as such, it's packed full of fun quizzes and exercises that kids will love. Perfect for kids aged 6 to 10 years.

2) Believe it or not: Minecraft

We agree, it’s not what you’d immediately call a money game, but there are lots of things that Minecraft can teach kids about money; bartering, value and taking care of things they’ve invested in. Perhaps it’s time to chat to your child about their Minecraft gaming? Take a read of this Reuters article, which might just help.

3) The ‘Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt’

This is a great game that can be played wherever you are (and is totally free, which is an added bonus for savvy parents). We found this Pin which might give you a bit of inspiration:

4) It’s a classic for a reason. PayDay

This board game will get kids thinking about the fact that their pay check has to last a whole month – and the chance that something unexpected might crop up that you need to pay for.
PayDay is available on Amazon.

5) The wild cards: Hopskotch and Kodable

While these are more about teaching kids to code, than teaching kids about money – encouraging kids the principles of coding when they’re young, might just help them make some money when they’re older.
Search for Hopskotch and Kodable in your App store.

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