Tips To Get Your Children Involved With Charity

5th of September is International Day of Charity, so we wanted to have a look at some of the ways you and your children can get your giving game on, and get in the charity spirit.

1. Looking out for projects set up by companies or foundations to get young people involved with charities - for example Abel and Cole have set up a backpack project where children (or grown ups!) can get a backpack and fill it with things to send to children in parts of the world who need simple things that we might take for granted.

2. Watch out for charity boxes in fast food restaurants or on supermarket checkouts! You can always spare a penny or two to help out those in need - you’d be surprised how big a difference something small can make.

3. Hold your own charity fundraising event - Get baking! Or get asking other people to bake… You can ask your school (or work) if they’re happy for you to hold a fundraising day. Great Ormond Street recently had their Bake It Better day where thousands of people held bake sales to raise money. You can also do a fun run, a sports day or a BBQ within your community etc and pick your favourite charity for people getting involved to donate to.

4. When having a big summer or winter clear out, you can donate all your old clothes and toys to a charity shop rather than throwing it away. Most charity shops will either sell the clothes on or donate them to homeless shelters around the UK.

5. Adopt a donkey (or a dog or animal of your choice) - RSPCA, Dogs Trust and other adverts on TV show you ways you can sponsor an animal that has been mistreated. You can give an animal a better life for a small sum a month.

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