How do you teach your child to ‘give’?

Giving is one of the core aspects of understanding the value of money – but it often gets overlooked. When we’re focused on what we want for Christmas or Birthdays and spending lots of money on our loved ones - why not take the time to teach your son or daughter a little bit about giving back? Here are 4 things you can do to really help them get to grips with the real meaning of ‘giving’.

Donate to a good cause online

Show them how easy it is to donate to a charity – and how rewarding this can be. Now that your child has seen all the fun and games from Children in Need fundraising, it’s the perfect time to show them how easy it is to donate money to charity online. If they have a goHenry card, they can even do this themselves using their own money directly.

Give belongings to charity

Giving their unwanted belongings to charity can help kids see how much value their stuff has. Explaining the money from selling their goods goes towards helping others can make them appreciate how lucky they are.

Get them involved in actively fundraising for something

Help them discover a cause that they really care about and get their mind set on how they could raise some money towards that cause. Baking cakes and selling them at school, selling some of their own belongings or even washing the neighbours’ cars are great ways children can make a difference to something they care about.

Volunteering within the community

Whether it’s clearing rubbish from a park or visiting the elderly, volunteering is definitely the most direct way for your child to understand what we mean when we say ‘giving’. This really brings home the value that giving some of their time has, and how much it is appreciated. It’s not all about getting what you want, giving back can be even more rewarding.

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