Back To School Shopping Tips

And just like that... Summer was over. Well, not quite. (Unless you're in Scotland). But we are about to start the September school term again, and Back To School Shopping is very much on all of our minds. (If it wasn’t, it is now. Sorry about that).

We’ve had a look at what the standard school supplies list consists of, and how to stick to a budget instead of getting carried away. As tempting as it is to buy the kids a shirt for every day, and a pencil case for every class... It’s probably not that cost effective.

Have a look at our top 5 back to school shopping tips.

1. Shop around - shopping is stressful, online or high street, so buying the first skirt/bag/folder you come across can be tempting, but you could save yourself some stress and some money by investigating the best prices before you go. This is obviously easier online (all you need is a few tabs open of different shops), but it makes a difference for high street shopping too. If you check the prices of an item at different places before going, you’ll have at the very least a guide price of what you’re willing to spend. It also means you can save time traipsing around.

2. Try before you buy! (and leave a little growing room) - Kids grow. This is no secret. So everything you buy make sure you make them try it on before purchasing.

3. Don’t go for the top of the range just yet - It’s more than likely your kids will beg you to buy the best looking pencil case around. It will probably come with the highest price tag too (they have a knack for that, don’t they?) but remember - trends change. The last thing you want is to buy them something super expensive that they ask for, to find a month or so later all their friends have something completely different and they need this new one like right this second.

4. “Back To School Swap” - Why not get together with a couple of other parents with kids the same age as yours, and do a swap of stuff? There might be stuff that’s perfectly fine but your child doesn’t want it anymore - but it would be great for someone else. And vice versa. This works on so many levels, it’s free, you get to get rid of some stuff that would otherwise be clutter, and it’s social so you might even make a few friends/connections if you spread the word.

5. Social Media - Have you noticed that a lot of brands will advertise a discount or tweet a discount code online now? It’s a good chance to bag a sweet saving or two. Keep an eye out on your favourite brand's social media channels, they’ll definitely be talking about any back to school offers that could come in handy!

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