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  • How much pocket money do other parents give? And at what age?
  • Find out average pocket money figures & how much children get by age.
  • What are the pros and cons of paying my children for chores?
  • What 3 things do my kids really need to know about money?
  • Plus tips for helping children learn about living within their means.

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The guide combines a huge amount of information, gathered through our own research as well as research done by The Money Advice Service. It gives you great tips and advice to help you bring up some seriously sensible spenders.

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  • 3Saving - what have other families done to instil good money habits?
  • 4Spending (responsibly) - how to teach your children to live within their means.

What is goHenry?

How goHenry works, video

How goHenry works

How goHenry works, video

How goHenry works

goHenry helps children between the ages of 8 and 18 save, spend and learn about money, combining web and mobile apps with a pre-paid debit card and parental controls.

Parents can set rules and limits, allocate pocket money automatically or set tasks and chores for their children to earn extra money. Children gain financial independence so they can learn by doing, but under a watchful eye and with no danger of debt.

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