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Managing the Parent Account

Frequently Asked Questions > Managing the Parent Account

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Multiple Parent Access

Can two parents have access to the goHenry account?

Unfortunately, there is no option to have multiple parent login details/dual control in goHenry. This is because we are required to have one parent only as the legal account holder so adding a parent does not work. However, an additional parent can be set up as a relative. Through a relative account, a parent can Continue Reading...

Can two parents add tasks to the goHenry account?

Unfortunately there's currently no way to enable two parents to add tasks within goHenry. The only way that you can achieve dual control is separately and at different times. This is done by sharing the same log in details. Unfortunately adding a parent is not available. Alternatively you could add another parent as a relative Continue Reading...

Checking Balance

How do I check my goHenry parent balance?

In order to check your parent balance within goHenry simply log in through the website or mobile app and on the home screen, you'll see you parent balance at the top of the page. In order to make managing goHenry as convenient as we can, you'll also see the parent balance on the login screen Continue Reading...

How do I check my child's goHenry balance?

To check your child's balance within goHenry, login to your parent account through the website or mobile app. On the homescreen you'll see your child's balance listed below your parent balance. The amount shown displays what your son or daughter has available to spend. It doesn't include any savings they have in their Savings Goals. Continue Reading...

Account Security and Privacy

How secure is the money in my goHenry account?

To be approved to work with Visa we have to comply with Visa's very strict regulations about how customer money is held and we are audited to ensure that we are meeting their expectations. IDT Financial Services are our card issuer and they are licensed by Visa to hold customer funds as well as being Continue Reading...

How do I unsubscribe to goHenry emails?

We send you occasional emails to notify you of various activities within your goHenry account. We consder these to be part of the service that we provide to you and so there is no option to unsubscribe to these service emails. However, we do send goHenry members hints and tips as well as offers and Continue Reading...

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