Frequently Asked Questions > Spending with the gohenry card > My child’s goHenry card transactions are declining, why?

My child’s goHenry card transactions are declining, why?

Frequently Asked Questions > Spending with the gohenry card > My child’s goHenry card transactions are declining, why?

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My child’s goHenry card transactions are declining, why?

As with all cards, there are a number of reasons why you might find the card not working. First check the following:

  • That your child has sufficient funds in their account to make the purchase.
  • Is there a savings goal? This might affect how much of their total balance is available to spend.
  • That they are not trying to spend in excess of either the ‘single transaction limit’ or the ‘weekly spend limit’ you have set for them.
  • That you have allowed them to spend via the channel they are using (i.e. cash machine, online or on the high street).
  • If they are withdrawing cash at a cash machine – that they are not trying to withdraw more than £120 in a single transaction or more than £120 in a day, or that there has been more than 3 withdrawals that day.
  • That your child has not exceeded the number of PIN tries allowed – currently 3. If the number of PIN tries is exceeded at an ATM or in a shop the card is automatically blocked to protect your child’s account. If this could be the reason for the card declining, there are two possible solutions. If blocked at an ATM you will need to contact our Member Services team on 0330 100 7676 and they will be able to unblock the card. If however the card was blocked in a shop, check that you have the correct PIN and then go to an ATM (preferably high street bank) and either withdraw cash using the correct PIN OR change the PIN number to something more memorable using the ‘Card Services’ option provided. Either will unblock the card.  Remember, you can change the PIN but ask for the same number you had already if that is easier.
  • Some online retailers (such as iTunes or Zaavi) often test that a card is valid by debiting a very small sum (usually around £1) before putting through the full transaction. iTunes usually debit £1.58. They later refund the initial small transaction. All cards have to treat these ‘test’ amounts as a normal transaction as there is no way of knowing whether they are a test or a real purchase.
  • If your child only has the exact amount of money for the goods they are trying to purchase the transaction may therefore decline. For example: Your child’s balance is £5.00 and the item to be purchased is £5.00. The retailer may put through a 10p charge to test the card is valid leaving your child with a balance of £4.90. They then process the purchase transaction at the full amount of £5.00. This will be declined as there is only £4.90 available to spend on the card. Shortly afterwards, the retailer will refund the 10p leaving the balance back where it should be – at £5.00.
  • The banking system is, of course, currently aimed at adults and assumes that they will have more funds than they need to make the purchase. With a goHenry card you can be confident that your child will never become overdrawn. The fact that the goHenry card does not allow your child to become overdrawn by checking the limits you have set for your child. This means that a full online bank authorisation must be requested by a retailer for every transaction. Very occasionally retailers turn off their authorisations at busy times (such as Christmas) to help keep their queues to a minimum. If a retailer does not seek an online bank authorisation for the transaction the banking system will automatically decline the payment regardless of the balance on the card.

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