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Relatives and gohenry

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The Relative Account

What is a gohenry relative account?

We would love to see our gohenry families growing and connecting. A parent can invite any relative or family friend to be a part of their children's gohenry account. Once registered, they will be able to log in to their relative account and gift money on important occasions, or just because. A relative can be Continue Reading...

How do I invite my relative to join?

In order to invite a relative to join your family on goHenry, you need to login to your parent account through the website. On your parent account homepage, you'll see the option to 'Invite a relative' on the left hand side. Click this and you will be asked to enter your relatives name, gender, family Continue Reading...

Can I be a parent AND a relative?

Unfortunately at the moment, the only way of doing this is to use a different email address for both accounts.This means you can be both, but you will need to remember two separate log ins!

Inviting Relatives to Join

I have invited a relative to join but the link is not working, what can I do?

Hopefully, inviting a relative to join your goHenry account is a smooth and easy process. Please make sure you have the correct link. If you are certain it is the correct link, but it is still not working, please give our Member Services team a call on 0330 100 7676, or pop us an email Continue Reading...

I sent a relative invite some time ago and the link is now expired, can you help?

We understand that sometimes distractions can occur when you are adding relatives to your goHenry account, delaying the process and expiring the link! If for whatever reason your link has expired, then please give our Member Services team a call on 0330 100 7676, or pop us an email via and they will be Continue Reading...

Using gohenry as a Relative

I am already registered as a relative and would like to gift money, how do I do this?

If you login to the gohenry website, you will see any families that you have been invited to join on your homepage. Click on to the family and then the child whom you would like to make a payment to. There are 2 tabs to choose from, ‘savings goals’ and ‘gift money’, click on the Continue Reading...

Can I make a gift for a future date (i.e. holiday, birthday, or another occasion)?

Payments from relatives can be arranged either for immediate transfer to the child's account, or for payment on a future date. If you choose the ‘future date’ option, the money will be transferred to the parent account and held there as blocked funds until the date you requested that they are transferred to the child's Continue Reading...

Am I able to make a payment directly from my bank account?

You are able to do this, however you'll need to ask the parent for their account details. They can find these by logging in to their parent account through the website, clicking the 'account' tab and going to 'Ways to pay'. If they click on the bank transfer option, they'll be able to give you Continue Reading...

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