Frequently Asked Questions > gohenry Card and PIN > How does the contactless work?

How does the contactless work?

Frequently Asked Questions > gohenry Card and PIN > How does the contactless work?

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How does the contactless work?

Like any contactless payment card, the gohenry card can be tapped on a reader to easily and securely pay for purchases under £30. As with any payment made using your gohenry card, the limits and rules that you set will still apply when the card's contactless feature is used. Make sure you make your child aware about all the positives and negatives of using contactless

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How does my child retrieve their PIN number?

Your child can retrieve their card PIN themselves in one of two ways. They can login to their gohenry account via the website, click the menu icon at the top left, and then click "your card PIN". When they click this link they will need to enter their gohenry password and the PIN will be Continue Reading...

How can my child re-set their PIN number to a number that is more memorable?

It's important that kids can remember their PIN number easily when they’re out and about. To change their card PIN to something that’s easier for them to remember, your child will need to go to a cash machine and choose the ‘Reset PIN’ function. They will be prompted to enter their current PIN number and Continue Reading...

Can I use my gohenry card with Apple Pay?

Currently, your gohenry card isn't eligible to be used with Apple Pay. Having said this there are still plenty of ways to spend with your gohenry card. You can use it online, on the high streets and in ATM cash Machines. At gohenry we also offer the contactless feature which is a great way to Continue Reading...