Frequently Asked Questions > Paying your child > How can I set up daily tasks?

How can I set up daily tasks?

Frequently Asked Questions > Paying your child > How can I set up daily tasks?

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How can I set up daily tasks?

At goHenry you currently are given two options when setting up Tasks for you children. These options are... 'One off' (for just a one time event) or 'Weekly' (for tasks that apply again the week after at the same time). We don't currently have the option for daily tasks. However, it is something that we're looking into adding to our app for our members as lots of parents have asked for this feature.

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How do I set repeat tasks?

To set tasks that repeat weekly, go to the 'Earning' or 'Tasks' tab within your parent account and click 'add new task'. Name the task and choose an amount, delegate the task to whichever child, and then ensure 'weekly' is highlighted before you click 'add task' in order to make the task repeat on a Continue Reading...

How do I enable/disable my children to tick their tasks as completed?

If you'd like to enable or disable your child from marking their own tasks as complete, login to your account and in the mobile app click 'manage'. Click 'Family profiles' and scroll to the bottom of your own profile settings. Click the tick box next to 'Only parents can mark tasks as complete' and only Continue Reading...

Can two parents add tasks to the goHenry account?

Unfortunately there's currently no way to enable two parents to add tasks within goHenry. The only way that you can achieve dual control is separately and at different times. This is done by sharing the same log in details. Unfortunately adding a parent is not available. Alternatively you could add another parent as a relative Continue Reading...

What is a ‘one off' task’?

goHenry allows you to set up both regular tasks (things you might want your child to do every day or week) and one off tasks (something you ask them to do just once). Simply select ‘One-off’ when you set up the tasks. Just like weekly tasks, once a one-off task is ticked as complete, the Continue Reading...