Where did my funds go?

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Where did my funds go?

When you created your gohenry account you will have chosen an amount to pay to your child in pocket money each week. Pocket Money day defaults to Saturday which you an amend in the 'Rules' page within your online account. If shortly after opening your account you suspect that money has disappeared from your parent account, please check your children’s account, the funds will have more than likely been paid to your child in pocket money.

If you'd like you can change the weekly pocket money amount to £0.00 and avoid money being paid to your children each week. Again, this can be done in the 'Rules' page, or "Limits" if on the app.

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How do I transfer funds to my child's account?

There are various ways that funds can be moved from your goHenry parent account to your child account. The main movement of funds will be via your weekly payment of their allowance and/or your payment for tasks completed. This will happen on the day you have selected (if you have not chosen a day, it Continue Reading...

I have funds on my goHenry account, but my pocket money & or tasks payments have not been paid?

Remember that you or your child will need to tick their tasks as complete prior to pocket money day. The funds are transferred just after midnight on pocket money day so if the tasks are ticked after midnight the funds will not be paid until the following pocket money day. If the tasks were ticked Continue Reading...

I did not have sufficient funds on my account to pay the weekly allowances & task payments – what happens now?

If you have insufficient funds at the time that the goHenry system attempts to pay pocket money from your goHenry parent account to the child account (just after midnight on pocket money day). The system will ‘look’ for the funds in your account for the next 3 days. If the goHenry parent account is funded Continue Reading...