Frequently Asked Questions > Paying into the parent account > How do I set up a Bank Transfer?

How do I set up a Bank Transfer?

Frequently Asked Questions > Paying into the parent account > How do I set up a Bank Transfer?

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How do I set up a Bank Transfer?

One way to load money into your goHenry account free of charge is to do so by Bank Transfer. In order to set this up, first login to your goHenry parent account and on the 'Account' page, you'll see a section called 'Ways to pay'. Next to 'Bank transfer' click the 'see how' button and you'll be able to view the account details you need to make these payments to. Now you just need to set this payment up through your bank and the money should be transferred within 24 hours.


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I have transferred money by bank transfer, Standing Order or Faster Payment to my parent account, how long will it take to show in my account?

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