What happens if system goes down?

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What happens if your systems go down?

To ensure goHenry cards are available at all times we have to have back-ups in place. In the unlikely event that our Card Processor's systems be unavailable, we have a fall back so that Visa can take over processing our card transactions.

This ensures that goHenry cards can still be used & there is minimum disruption to the service. However, this does mean that some of the extra checks we've created for transactions (the rules & limits unique to goHenry) would not be working whilst Visa takes over the processing in the event of an outage.

We have this measure in place as we want to ensure that children can still spend if they need to (e.g. pay for travel home) but during any service disruption there would be a limit of two 'emergency transactions' only until normal service is resumed. If this ever happens we'd communicate with you and your child via SMS and push notifications to make sure you were kept up to date.

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