How do you set up gohenry?

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How do you set up gohenry?

Go to the gohenry website and click the button to "sign up", or download our mobile app and click "sign up" on the first screen. It takes just minutes to open your online account and there's no credit card required. In the next 5 to 7 days, you'll receive your gohenry card(s) in the post. Follow the instructions on the letter enclosed with your card(s) to activate. Once you've set your child's spending pocket money, limits and rules, you're ready to start managing money more easily.

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Is there a maximum amount that I can load to my goHenry parent account?

The maximum amount we can receive per load to the parent account is £500. The maximum number of loads we can receive per day to a parent account is 3. The maximum amount loaded to the goHenry parent account per day is £600. Here's a full breakdown of account limits goHenry account limits Value Comments Continue Reading...

How do I set up a task for my child?

Setting up a task with your goHenry app couldn't be any simpler - and is one of the greatest features of the app. To do so, log into your goHenry account on the website, click on the 'Allowance & Tasks' option, and then 'Add New Task.' You will then be asked to Name the task, Continue Reading...

How does my child set up a savings goal?

In order to set up a savings goal your child needs to login to their account through the online account or mobile app. If they click on 'Saving' then they'll see a button labelled 'add a goal'. A pop-up will appear where they can name their saving goal and decide on the total amount they Continue Reading...

What Parental Controls does goHenry have?

Using goHenry you have a lot of control over where your son or daughter can use their card, to help give them independence and give you peace of mind. You can choose how much money they can spend each week as well as how much they can spend in one go. The cash machine limit Continue Reading...

Can two parents have access to the gohenry account?

Unfortunately, there is no option to have multiple parent login details/dual control in gohenry. This is because we are required to have one parent only as the legal account holder so adding a parent does not work. However, an additional parent can be set up as a relative. Through a relative account, a parent can Continue Reading...