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How does it work?

gohenry is a bank account re-imagined for young people. There is an online account for you, the parent and a linked account for each of your children, all managed through either the gohenry website or our mobile app. Your child’s account will help them understand earning, saving and spending, and in the process help them learn great money habits. Each child receives their own gohenry card. Don’t worry, this is not a credit or a normal debit card, it is a Pre-Paid Visa Debit Card with rules and limits set by you.

Your children can only spend the money available on their card and there is no danger of debt or overdraft. For parents we offer a really simple and easy way to manage your children’s pocket money and allowances online – whether you want to set a weekly allowance, make a quick transfer to your child or set tasks for them to earn their money, gohenry has you covered.

Set the rules, set the limits and then just sit back and relax as the weekly allowances you have set are taken care of. Plus, you can keep an eye on what your children are saving for and notifications let you know where they are spending. Invite your relatives to gift into your children’s account too, to make Birthdays and Christmas a whole lot simpler.

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Is the gohenry App compatible with my phone or tablet?

The gohenry app is compatible with Android, Apple and Kindle Fire devices. To download the gohenry app, you or your child need a mobile or tablet that has Android 2.3.3 or above or iOS 6.0 or above. The app can be downloaded by heading to Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Amazon App Continue Reading...

How do I set up a task for my child?

Setting up a task with your goHenry app couldn't be any simpler - and is one of the greatest features of the app. To do so, log into your goHenry account on the website, click on the 'Allowance & Tasks' option, and then 'Add New Task.' You will then be asked to Name the task, Continue Reading...

How does my child set up a savings goal?

In order to set up a savings goal your child needs to login to their account through the online account or mobile app. If they click on 'Saving' then they'll see a button labelled 'add a goal'. A pop-up will appear where they can name their saving goal and decide on the total amount they Continue Reading...

How do I invite my relative to join?

In order to invite a relative to join your family on goHenry, you need to login to your parent account through the website. On your parent account homepage, you'll see the option to 'Invite a relative' on the left hand side. Click this and you will be asked to enter your relatives name, gender, family Continue Reading...