Frequently Asked Questions > Closing my gohenry account

Closing my gohenry account

Frequently Asked Questions > Closing my gohenry account

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How to Close the Account and Refunds

How do I close my goHenry account?

If you decide that you no longer require your goHenry account please contact our Member Services team (who'll be very sad to see you go, but very happy to help) on 0330 100 7676, or by emailing We'll be able to arrange for any funds in the account to be transferred back to you Continue Reading...

Refunds for a closed account

We will process the refund of any remaining balance as quickly as we can once the cancellation is complete, but please allow 8-10 working days for the refund to show to your bank account. This gives time for any outstanding purchases made on the goHenry cards to be processed. Wherever possible we will refund any Continue Reading...

What happens to my account when my child turns 18?

If your child is going to be 18, and still has and is using the goHenry card, they will be able to continue to use it until the card expires. After that, it will be cancelled and you will need to contact us to cancel the account to prevent any further membership fees.

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