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Children Saving using gohenry

Frequently Asked Questions > Children Saving using gohenry

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Saving Goals

How does my child set up a savings goal?

In order to set up a savings goal your child needs to login to their account through the online account or mobile app. If they click on 'Saving' then they'll see a button labelled 'add a goal'. A pop-up will appear where they can name their saving goal and decide on the total amount they Continue Reading...

What happens when my child reaches their savings goal?

When your child reaches their savings goal, you'll see that the progress bar reaches 100%. The option to 'End Goal' appears under the progress bar. By clicking this, the money from that Savings Goal will be transferred back to the child's spending account and the savings goal will be closed. If your child would like Continue Reading...

If my child has sufficient funds in their account to make a payment to their savings, why hasn't it been paid across?

Saving goals are directly linked to your child's weekly pocket money amount. This means that if there is no weekly allowance set up for your child the savings will not move across to their goal, even if your child has enough money in their account. In order for weekly savings transfers to be made, you Continue Reading...

Is there a limit to how many savings goals my child can have?

Your child can set up as many savings goals as they'd like. However, if there is not a weekly pocket money payment that's big enough to cover the payments for each goal, then no transfer of savings can take place. If your child wants to save for a few different things at once, then make Continue Reading...

Releasing Savings

Can I release my child's savings?

You can release money from your child's savings goals at anytime within your online account or through the mobile app. Click on their name and then go to the 'Saving' page. Click the 'Saving transfer' button, choose how much you'd like to move out of savings and from which savings goal. Tap 'transfer now' and Continue Reading...

Can my child release their own savings?

Your child can release money from their own savings goals by logging in to their account online or through the mobile app. If they click the 'Saving' tab, then click 'Saving transfer' they'll be able to decide how much they want to transfer and from which savings goal. Once they click 'Transfer now' the money Continue Reading...

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