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Using gohenry Abroad

Can you use goHenry in France, Italy, Germany or any other EU or World country?

It is only possible to set up a goHenry account if you live in the UK. However, goHenry cards can be used in other countries should you go on holiday, but please note there will be small charges for this service: To withdraw money from an ATM there is a charge of £2 (though some Continue Reading...

gohenry for Non-UK Residents

I live outside the UK. Can I set up goHenry for my child?

Although the goHenry card can be used outside of the UK, for holidays abroad, you are currently required to have a UK address in order to set up a goHenry card for your child. If you do live outside of the UK then watch this space! In the coming year or 2 we're hoping to Continue Reading...

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