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Why I Love goHenry - by Paul Boag

"Dad, can I have my pocket money?" Every week it's the same thing. My son asks and inevitably I don't have the right change on me.

"Dad I want to buy something on steam." Of course, he can't pay for that with his cash. That has to be a card.

"Dad, can I afford this? My pocket money is at home." How do I know how much he has!?

I hate pocket money. I don't begrudge my son a penny of it, it's just a hassle to organise. Pocket money was fine when I was a kid because cash was king and you bought things in honest to goodness shops, but today is different.

It's all the more frustrating because I am a tech dad. I love my gadgets. If I want to get fit, I buy something like a Jawbone Up. If I want to diet I download an app. There is nothing in my life I will not try to solve with technology! Surely there must be a technical solution to the hassles of pocket money? Surely there is an app for that?

Turns out there is. One day I came across goHenry and almost yelped with joy! Finally, a way for me to pay my son his pocket money electronically. No more scrabbling for change. No more asking for my credit card.

Best of all it came with an iPhone app so I could look up how much my son had anytime, anywhere.

Of course I could have opened a normal bank account, but frankly I was dubious. I didn't like the idea of him spending what he wanted. I needed more control than that, control that goHenry gave me. I could set limits and encourage him to manage his money responsibly.

But, then there were grandparents. They would give him cash, which he had a habit of then losing!

Fortunately goHenry solved this little problem too. I set grandparents up with the ability to add money to his account and even leave him little messages. They travel a lot and love being able to give him a present even when they are not physically around. He loves having money in a form that will allow him to buy his next computer game instantly.

Now all I need to work out is how to stop him losing the debit card that goes with his goHenry account. Thankfully its easy to put a bar on the card until it inevitably turns up.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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