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We have witnessed our relationship with money change dramatically over the last decade as people increasingly use cards, rather than cash, and online banking to manage their spending and finances. In fact, it is not unusual for people to keep only cards in their wallet. In the digital age, we think that children are being left behind with no services or solutions tailored to meet their needs; making managing money in a cashless world difficult for both parents and children.

Based on our insight as parents we launched goHenry because we appreciate that we all want our children to have good saving and spending habits, but meanwhile children want to be left to manage their own spending. goHenry is an online saving and spending platform that creates a safe and secure environment which parents can personalise for their child. It is unique because it allows children to learn about and manage their own money, in a world where everything is moving online.

As a parent, you can feel safe in the knowledge that goHenry provides your child with interactive tools to save, along with a pre-paid VISA debit card that they can use, according to the limits set by you. goHenry encourages sound money behaviour by linking spending to behaviour and saving to goals. We have specifically designed goHenry to support children in developing the necessary skills for the financial world they will grow up with. We are also excited to provide families with exclusive offers and discounts through the goHenry marketplace, to help with saving.

All you need to think about now is how much money to give your children. We think that talking to other parents is a good place to start or taking guidance from websites such as mumsnet.com can be a great help. Ultimately, we hope to make money and saving more visible and engaging for all the family.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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