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Welcome to goHenry

Our ambition at goHenry is to transform how children understand and use money, now and into the future.

Like all parents, ensuring I give my children the best opportunities in life to achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions is hugely important. A few years back, it became increasingly obvious to me that in one area, I was struggling to help my children. I could teach them how to swim, read and even how to cook but didn’t have the tools to talk to them about something they came across every day, and knew to be important to all they did — money. Simply, I couldn’t give my children the tools they needed to save and manage their own money in a way that reflected how we lived.

The world of money has transformed since we were children. In today’s world, money is a plastic card or a click made on the internet. Yet, we expect children to understand the value of money without seeing what it looks like or does. When it comes to money in our digital age, children have been left behind. Ignoring this fails our children today, disempowering them for their future.

I talked myself hoarse on this topic then finally met kindred spirits in my children’s playground. Myself, Doug Mahy and Louise Hill believed we could change how parents and children talked about money, in such a way that children would be in control of their money in a safe and secure environment overseen by their parents. On top of this, we would all benefit from improved conversations about money, learning sound financial behaviour as we went, and most exciting of all, we could help money go further through providing discounts, offers and so on from an online store exclusively for families.

It’s taken us two years to get here, but finally this autumn we’re launching goHenry, a complete online platform for children to take their first steps into being in control of their own money in a safe and secure environment personalised by parents. With the support of child psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey and VISA, we believe that goHenry will transform how children, parents and families use money today and in the future.

From the initial idea to making goHenry a reality, I have spoken to many parents who feel strongly that goHenry will fill the gap that our children face when it comes to learning about money. But, this journey is just beginning. We want to build a community of parents around goHenry, and together, refine and improve this service to meet the needs of families across the UK. So, take a look and get in touch. I look forward to us together supporting our children to have the financial behaviour they need to navigate their world today, and in the future.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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