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Weekly round-up: Parents vote goHenry best family app

To kick off, we received some exciting news last week. goHenry won GOLD in the Loved By Parents awards 2014! In the category ‘Best Family App’, we are really thrilled to have been voted 'best' by the nation’s parents. 50,000+ votes were cast to find the winners and we had some stiff competition.

"We're delighted to have won this award. We're constantly working with our customers - parents and children - to improve and develop our product. We're especially pleased that the voters were parents themselves as it shows that we're offering families something that they want and love." Said Louise Hill, COO of goHenry.

Needless to say, it was a big week for goHenry, but also for financial education. With the technology world waking up to the needs of the modern family, we have seen a lot of news on new products and with it, much discussion on topics of financial education for children.

We took part in the Guardian’s ‘live chat’ on ‘The role of entertainment in financial education.’ The panel, which included Russell Winnard from pfeg, Nick Maynard of D2D Fund, a nonprofit focused on financial services innovation and Helen Sanson from Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership – gave some interesting opinions.

We asked; "We believe active participation, or learning by doing, is the best way for children to learn about money - does the panel agree?"

Nick Maynard agreed, adding that his products also supply “…the opportunity for practice in a safe environment where one can learn from mistakes before making those mistakes in the real world.”

See all the insights from the Guardian ‘Live chat’ by clicking here. Definitely worth a read.

Last week The Guardian looked at ‘Apps, TV and games: how the digital world can connect kids and money’. Recognising that “Counting coins in the classroom is a far step from helping kids to understand the function of money in an increasingly digital, indebted and cashless society.” Rachael Post looked at solutions that offer up to date financial learning. Guess who was featured in that? Click here to read the full article.

goHenry also appeared in The Sunday Times last week in an article looking at ‘Smart ways to make your children cash-savvy: “…goHenry combines web and mobile apps with a prepaid Visa card, with parental controls for children aged 8 and upwards. Parents can allocate money automatically or make one-off payments, and set tasks for their children to earn extra cash.”

The Guardian article ‘Debit card firms cash in on digital pocket money for kids’ looked at what role Pre-paid debit cards have in the financial education of children.

“However, this is not the first prepaid card aimed at kids and their parents. Osper's main rival, goHenry (gohenry.co.uk), which is also aimed at eight to 18-year-olds and comes with a prepaid Visa card, will arguably appeal more to parents, particularly of younger children, because it allows them to set controls on its use.” Read the full article here.

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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