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Weekly News 3rd December 2012

The countdown to Christmas speeds up a notch today with the arrival of  Cyber Monday — the busiest online shopping day of the year as people start to order their gifts online.

Several articles over the weekend reported that today, UK consumers will shed austerity shackles in a massive buy now, pay later splurge, with shoppers expected to spend £222,222 every minute on presents.

For many parents, this will be the day when they dive into the online world of children’s toy shops and clothes stores to search for that special gift that may have been waiting patiently on a child’s Christmas wish list. At goHenry, we know how overwhelming this may seem.

To make it easier and less time consuming for parents, there are lots of websites out there including our very own goHenry Shop and Amazon.co.uk or John Lewis. Parents can search these sites through an abundance of wonderful presents without having to search on multiple websites or even leave the house.

Online shopping also provides the added excitement for children to see a delivery van turn up to the house to see a mysterious package be tucked under the Christmas tree in anticipation for Christmas day…

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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