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Weekly news 24th September 2012

Of all the stories that dominated last week’s news about children and learning, the one that caught our attention was about what kids think about technology.

As most parents know already, gadgets are essential to nearly every school age child — mobile phones, PS2 or Xbox are staples of the playground. The interesting knock on effect according to Hotels.com is that the idols for this generation are most likely to be leaders in technology than any other field. Their survey of 1,000 British children suggests 16.8 per cent of 8-15 year-olds aspire to follow in the footsteps of Steve Jobs, well ahead of entertainers and political leaders such as Simon Cowell and Barack Obama.

Reflecting this ambition, IT lessons have gone from being the preserve of the geek to being something the majority say they enjoy. The same survey found IT is one of the top four favourite subjects for all school age children.

It all shows that children (as we know) not only love to play with technology but increasingly, want to learn how to use it and aspire in the future to work with it.

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