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Weekly news 15th October 2012

Although for some it may feel months away Christmas is fast approaching. This means that parents are starting to think about what toys and gadgets will catch the attention of our children over the festive period.

In a year filled with new iPhone’s, iPad’s and smart phones, we predict that children’s Christmas lists are going to be more dominated by 'techy toys’ than ever. In fact a recent BBC article highlighted three tech centric toys which will be available around Christmas:

  1. Furby — cast your minds back to 1998 when the original Furby was launched, now it has had a 2012 revamp, to include a smartphone and tablet app for further interactivity.
  2. Ravensburger’s Puzzles — The jigsaw puzzle specialist has developed a virtual smartphone app to go along with their puzzles.
  3. Kurio — These tablets, dedicated to children, include dedicated apps and parental controls to make sure children don’t view anything unsuitable.

What we find interesting is how even the most traditional toys are receiving the digital and virtual makeover this year, in a bid to move with the times and keep children and parents interested and engaged.

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