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Top ways to keep your kids healthy inside (and out).

Mental health has become more and more the topic of discussion recently, especially relating to children. As we are starting to shake the stigma, and learning more about what mental health actually means, and how we can keep it in top shape, it’s important that we have a look at what that means for our children.

Some of the main contributing factors to keeping our kids happy and healthy are the following:

  • Attending a school that looks after their well-being.
  • Feeling loved, trusted and safe also helps them feel wanted and valued.
  • Having a sense of belonging- in school or at home.
  • Accepting who they are and what they are good at.
  • Having a hobby, and socialising with peers.

One really positive thing about discussing mental health more, and bringing awareness, is that with these conversations come advice. Things HAVE changed, the stigma has gone and people are more willing to talk about their experience, give advice and even more importantly - get help.

There is tonnes of help out there for parents and their children regarding their mental health. Some children may just need parental help, a hug or a chat and reassurance to help them sort through their feelings, and to feel like someone is listening and taking them seriously. Others may need a little bit of professional help, talking to a GP or a health visitor about the situation. This can also lead to getting a referral to CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services - NHS) who can offer therapy and counselling.

Here is a list of organisations that can also help:

The most important thing to remember is everyone needs support at one time or another, especially our kids, so we need to work to make sure they know they are safe, happy and surrounded by people who care.

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