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Top Tips For Earning Extra Pocket Money!

We asked some of you goHenry users what your favourite bits about goHenry are.
And not surprisingly, most of you said earning pocket money! So, we have come up with a few extra ideas for you to suggest to your parents to help you earn that little bit extra.

  • Tidying your bedroom - we know, it’s soooo boring, BUT parents absolutely love when we’ve got a squeaky clean bedroom so it’s definitely worth a try! How much do you think it’s worth?
  • Got any pets? You could offer to walk the dog, feed the cat, or if you’re feeling brave enough, cleaning out the fish tank!
  • Helping out with the weekly shopping - not only is this a chance to be extra helpful and carry some shopping bags, but you might even get to spend some of your hard earned money while you’re out!
  • Cooking dinner for the family - don’t worry, we’re not masterchefs either, but giving whoever is usually in charge of feeding the family a hand with this is a brilliant way to learn, and will definitely score you some brownie points.
  • Helping with the hoovering - Do you know how much dust is lying around on those carpets? No neither do we, but there’s a pretty good chance you can earn a fair amount of pocket money while you find out.
  • Let us know how it goes!

goHenry, a unique earning, saving and spending solution. Perfect for parents with children from 8-18.

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