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The LEGO® revelation

We regularly wonder what’s in store for our children in the future and how they will fare in this rapidly changing digital world.

It would seem that LEGO® was wondering the same thing and decided to look into it in more depth. We often think of LEGO® as just a toy but it is doing some great work through the The LEGO® Learning Institute, looking at children and how they learn.

It recently completed a fascinating research report called "The Future of Learning", producing a detailed and complex analysis of the different elements of our children’s learning and what they are most likely to respond to. For example, it was found that children will naturally gravitate towards a toy that incorporates technology, which shows what many parents already know; that children are leading the way when it comes to adapting to and engaging with the modern world.

The report continues to examine how current and future events are likely to influence the role and impact of learning for children. Predominantly, technological advances will have a huge effect on how children learn as well as highlight what they need to know for the adult world. The aim of this report is to help parents understand the best way to support their child’s development as they grow up. Any parent, including ourselves, will vouch for how valuable this insight is.

One of the other things that struck us is that "learning can be understood as a process where knowledge is created through the transformation of experience." Essentially this means, children need to do to learn. At goHenry, we understand this and know that it is vital to (create activities and experiences that help them on this journey). Or provide them with the learning tools to achieve this.

Finally, we were encouraged to read that "learning begins at the start of life". In our opinion, in order to best prepare your children for when they leave home, you need to apply this line of thought to all areas of their life, including money, saving and spending. But what is most crucial is that you are able to use the right teaching methods for your child whatever their age. Children learn through experience and, it is never too young to engage them and teach them new and exciting skills, which can set them up for life. We hope that you find this report as interesting and helpful as we did.

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