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Terrifying tasks for a goHenry Halloween

It’s getting to the dark cold end of the year. Which as we all know, means it’s almost Christmas.
BUT, first - Halloween! The scariest time of year, when we see our children's’ creepy creativity come out in their costumes, and get wonderfully over excited and high on sugar from way, way too many sweets.

It seems that every year, Halloween gets a little more popular. It’s always appeared to be a much bigger deal in the US than over here (even though Halloween was actually first celebrated by the Celts in the UK over 2000 years ago!), but us brit’s are slowly becoming more and more enthusiastic about dressing up and giving our friends and neighbours potential heart attacks with horrendous house decorations.

Here at goHenry we are fully embracing this horrible holiday, what with crazy cupcakes (if you haven’t seen them yet, check our Instagram: gohenry), pretend pumpkins, and of course, our ghastly goHorror competition, where we asked you to send us pictures of your Halloween themed tasks.

In the spirit of this, we have come up with some ideas of ways to boost the balance of the goHenry tasks.

  • Creating creepy cupcakes - Not only are they disgustingly delicious, they’re a good way of keeping everyone occupied, while earning some money. And getting in the sweet eating theme of Halloween.
  • Pumpkin Carving! - This one may require some parental supervision..(let’s keep the severed fingered strictly sausage roll made). Whether your pumpkin is winking, frowning, or even throwing up, pumpkins are the heart and ghoul of Halloween.
  • Horrifying up the house - Whether you go with the simple toilet roll all over everything and everyone and calling it ‘mummified’ (surprisingly not something you’re likely to get bored of, ever). You might even get super creative and making cobwebs for your windows, fake spiders crawling out of every corner, sticking some old sheets outside your house and drawing faces on them (ghosts, of course). Or you could just go with lighting an eery amount of candles. Making your home a house of horrors is fun for all involved. And then the task after that can be them cleaning it all up the next day. Win win!
  • Trick or Treating - not necessarily a task, as it pretty much pays for itself (literally sometimes, if the unlucky neighbour whose door you knock on has no sweets left and has to give you a couple of pounds instead), but you can reward for staying safe, being polite, not speaking to strangers, sharing your sweets etc
  • We have received some amazing entries - which can be seen on this page, but one of them stood out as a truly terrifying Halloween task.



    So a HUGE congratulations to our winner, who has been awarded tickets to Chessington World of Adventures Howl-O-Ween!

    That's not to say that we didn't also receive some equally terrifying entries....

    Our two RUNNERS UP:

    halloween runner up 1


    halloween runner up 2

    Well done and thank you to everyone who entered.

    Happy Halloween!

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