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Teaching your child about money during National Autism Awareness Week

At goHenry, we realise the struggle that some parents have in teaching their children about money and the fact that sadly, it doesn’t grow on trees – and we also know that for parents of children on the autistic spectrum, this struggle can be even more difficult. In support of it being National Autism Awareness week, we have put together a couple of helpful tips for parents of children with autism that may make teaching them about this concept a little bit easier.

Go “shopping”

Teaching your child that money works in an exchange process, where you use it to buy something, is important and is something that some children on the autistic spectrum may struggle to understand. To help with this, why not play some pretend shopping games with your child? Pick out some items from your kitchen cupboards, give your child some real money and allow them to “buy” the items with it, which in turn will help build their understanding of the concept of money.


In addition to the tip above, it’s important for your child to understand the importance of budgeting in order to aid their financial independence. To do this, start by helping your child to make a budget plan in the form of a table, which visually shows the amount of money they have and how much they spend. By showing the child the amount of money they have coming in through pocket money for example, and then deducting the amount going out through their spending, it will help them to clearly see where their money is going and aid their understanding of the concept of money.

We are proud to be working together with Anna Kennedy Online (AKO), a UK charity that’s been set up to support parents with children on the autistic spectrum – and we need your help! Not only are we giving 4 months free to new users who sign up via this link, but we will also donate £10 to the charity for each new sign up too! Speaking about goHenry on their website:

“Anna Kennedy Online, a UK autism charity, is very pleased to be raising awareness about goHenry. A few of our families from the charity have used goHenry and they love it! The online account includes visual, educational formats that are great for children and teenagers on the autism spectrum. The visuals easily 'quantify' that there is money in the account and how much. Children and teenagers on the spectrum can also set targets so they can see what they are meant to be saving for. This is vital since our children can be vulnerable where money management is concerned.” Anna Kennedy, OBE

To find out more about AKO, visit their website.

Do you have any tips for teaching children about money? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below or head to our Facebook page to let us know.

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