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Talking to our children about terrorism

It’s unquestionable that as adults–as people–we feel affected by the tragedies that we’ve seen on the news. As parents, it only makes the situation even scarier. Especially when our children start to ask questions, it leads to uncertain answers, scary subjects and in short, fear.

We want to do absolutely everything that we can as parents to protect our children for as long as possible from all of the scary bits of the world, and while we can do that in the safety of our own homes, there’s no doubt that they will probably hear trickles of information from their friends at school, sports and social clubs and wherever else kids chat amongst themselves.

Sometimes this can make things sound even scarier, as they’re not getting the full picture, and probably not 100% understanding what they’re being told. To help you as a parent, guardian, grandparent, or carer talk to your children about terrorism and worries of the world, we’ve found some resources that we hope will make the conversation a little easier.

First News talks directly to children usually, however they’ve put together some tips here about explaining the news. Their first point talks about not covering up your feelings, and not quietly worrying inside - and how important it is to talk to someone.

Huffington Post talks about how it is important to try and be as honest as you possibly can when talking to your kids, and to make sure the information that you’re passing to them is age appropriate.

NSPCC have an amazing piece here about supporting your children if they’re worried about terrorism. It talks not only about listening to their worries, but also addresses that some children may feel targeted due to their faith or appearance. It also has a video showing children's very real reactions to news footage covering terrorist attacks.

goHenry is made up of parents and families, and we all see first hand how our children can be affected by these topics. We think it’s important to do as much as we can to be as positive as possible, and most of all show that it is important to be kind, understanding and helpful as we all stand together in these times.

If there's anything that goHenry can do to help support families, please email us at help@gohenry.co.uk

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