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Staying Safe at a Cash Machine

To keep goHenry a fun and exciting experience, we want to make sure that all parents and children are aware of how to keep your card and card details safe at a cash machine. It’s sad but true that fraud at cash machines are on the rise but don’t be worried - we have helpful advice to make sure you and your children are always safe withdrawing your money.

  • Don’t let yourself get distracted at a cash machine
    It might seem obvious, but make sure you (or your child) are concentrating 100% on what you are about to do. Whether it’s street performers nearby, or maybe you have just received a text – keep your eyes on your card and cash at all times.
  • Check who’s around the cash point before you use it
    Is there someone hanging around the machine? Is someone eyeing up the machines? If so, just use another machine elsewhere or maybe look to use the cashback feature that is available in most supermarkets.
  • Cover your PIN when entering it in shops or at ATM’s
    As goHenry member Ryan says in our FAQ video “Cover up your PIN because you don’t want anybody seeing it”. Which basically sums up this point. Make sure you keep your hand over the PIN pad when you use it, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Ignore anyone who speaks to you at cash points
    In some cases, people might talk to you whilst you are at a cash point. In most cases they are probably just being polite or trying to be helpful with something, but it is safer to wait until you have finished at the cash point to then talk to them.
  • Contact goHenry, Bank or card provider if someone has your details.
    In this worst case scenario where someone has your details or card, contact goHenry on 0330 100 76 76, or block the card through the App. If this happens with another card, contact your bank or card provider.

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