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Six things parents can do to help children deal with exam results stress

With all the fun and relaxation that the summer brings, it is easy to put your worries aside. Yet with A Level results day looming close by, for a lot of your children an unprecedented level of panic may have started to kick in.

Have you noticed a change in your children’s behaviour? Have they started to tiptoe around the topic of their results? Have they taken the attitude of seeming indifference, yet secretly panicking? As a parent you are the voice of reason and composure through this tense time. We’ve therefore collated together some top pieces of advice for how you as a parent can play a crucial role in calming nervy teens!

1. Keep calm as a parent

This is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give. You’re attitude and behaviour towards the upcoming results is contagious and therefore by keeping yourself calm, you will help to keep them sane.

2. Don’t ignore the panic

Get your children to talk about why and what they are concerned about. Keeping their emotions bottled up does little to ease their nerves. Remind them that these results are only a measure of a very limited number of subjects measured in a very specific way. They neither define them as a person nor determine their future!

3. Make plans for results day

Whatever the outcome for your children, taking them out for a treat will only be beneficial. Whether they are over the moon or feeling slightly deflated, they have achieved a huge amount so deserve to let off some steam.

4. Remember that you are a support, not a critique

Children can place immense expectation upon themselves through these times. Indeed this harsh judgement isn’t ideal, but it is certainly made worse if you join in. Try not to voice your opinions about their future too much, kids are really looking for your emotional support at this time.

5. Avoid social media

Social media pervades every aspect of our life yet there are times where keeping things personal are better. Indeed seeing friends’ posts all over Facebook can often be quite unsettling and fuels comparison. Remind your children that these results are a measure of their individual achievement.

6. Be ready to speak through their different options

As parents we all have slight predictions of what ‘might’ be the outcome for our children, but there is simply no telling. Yet what we can do is give them useful advice for their next steps. Being able to offer them direction whatever the outcome, will let them realise that regardless of these results, their future still has many possibilities!

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