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New goHenry feature: two way transfers

We heard from a lot of you and the story was consistent — there are times when your children borrow money from you, yet there was no way for them to settle the 'debt' using goHenry. A lot of you thought it would be useful if you or your child could transfer money back from the child account into your parent account.

As of today you can.

Children can now pay their parents back quickly and easily with the simple click of a few buttons.

It’s simple to use:

  1. If you are making the transfer, log into your parent account and hit the 'quick transfer button' under your child’s name.
  2. Then, select what kind of transfer you prefer (parent to child or child back to parent).
  3. Finally, enter your desired amount, hit transfer and then you’re done.

You can review all transactions by visiting the statement section of your account.

If your child is making the transfer, they will need to log in to their goHenry account and click on the blue 'quick transfer button' in their profile and follow similar steps.

Let us know what you think. Contact the goHenry team at help@goHenry.co.uk - we’d love to hear from you.



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