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Motivating kids to revise - to pay or not to pay?

Exam time can prove stressful for the whole household, especially if your son or daughter is less than willing to put the time and effort into revising. It can be tempting to consider paying for your child to have revision support, but is it worth it? Here we look at the top things you need to consider when deciding whether to pay to motivate your kids to revise.

Reasons to pay for revision support

If your child needs a helping hand to motivate them to revise, then paying for a tutor could be an option. A tutor will come to your home, or it could be possible for your son and daughter to attend a small group session at a tuition centre with other students. A tutor is usually an ex-teacher, and they will work with your child to teach them useful exam revision techniques  and also assist them with revising certain topics or subjects that they might be struggling with. By having one to one support, or support in a small group environment, in turn this can help your child’s confidence levels increase, and potentially help them achieve a higher grade than they might have done if they were just revising on their own.

Why paying for revision support may not be the answer

In order for revision to be a success, your child has got to want to succeed – they need to be self motivated in order to put the effort in, they need to understand the benefits of revising.  Before considering paying for revision support with a tutor, it would be a good idea to speak to your child and understand the reasons why they are struggling to motivate themselves to revise on their own in order to decide whether paying for a tutor is the best option for them. Private exam revision costs with a reputable tutor start from around £20-£35 for an hour, and so this exercise could prove costly if your child is unwilling to make the most of it.

What other options for revision support are there?

The key to a successful revision programme is planning, and helping your child to put together a revision timetable is essential for this. Here, they will be able to plan each day, and work out how long they need to spend on each topic. However, it’s important to remember that allowing time for breaks is vital, so that your son or daughter has time to recharge their batteries which will also help them to focus better too – they shouldn’t spend the whole day revising, as this can often be detrimental. In addition to paying for revision support, there are lots of useful free tools available as an alternative which could also help your child – visit Get Revising, or check out an app called Revision App, which contains lots of useful guides, practice tests and tips that could help motivate your child to revise.

For further tips on ways to help your child revise, visit the Telegraph or the BBC. Do you have any other ideas? We’d love to hear them! Leave a comment below or head to our Facebook page to let us know

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