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What's the best gift your Mother ever gave you?

Mother’s Day. It’s the one day a year that we are all kind of reminded to appreciate our Mums the way we should do every day, but don’t always get around to.

As we continue to change how we think about families, and the more society changes and doors are opened for the less traditional family unit, one thing remains - we love our Mum’s. Whether that means the person who gave birth to you, who adopted you, who is your caregiver, or just a really special and influential woman in your life who helped make you who you are, it’s important to let them know how grateful we are for them.

So instead of talking about what we’re going to be getting our Mum’s for Mother’s day at goHenry HQ, we thought we’d take a look and appreciate some of the best gifts our Mother’s have ever given us.

Here are some of the goHenry team’s favourite Mum Moments:

Nirmin: “The best gift my mother ever gave me was to teach me that failing was acceptable as long as you gave it your 100% and tried again. She also taught me that a 'No' today would eventually turn into a 'Yes' provided that I was the best that I could be.”

Emanuela: “Err...hello? LIFE?? :)”

Dean: “Unconditional Love”

Ruth: “Firstly, she allowed me to stay in another country, 4000 miles away when I was just 17, because it was where I was happy. I am not sure I could have been quite so empowering to my own daughter had she asked the same of me! She has never, in nearly 30 years been critical of any decision I made as a mother to my own children, I am sure that there were some things that she definitely would not have approved of. She has only ever loved them.”

Alice: Probably really cheesy but the best gift my Mum gave me was life”

Atul: I’ve thought about this but could not come to one single thing. Mothers give so much - each of incredible value - that it is difficult to choose a single one from them

Lana: “Being open minded and accepting - of everything and anyone. She is completely unprejudiced and that's a gift she effortlessly passed down to me. She also gave me a killer pair of slippers for Christmas - I couldn't choose…”

Kiera: The best gift my mum ever gave me was Beyoncé tickets for my 18th birthday. I've loved her music since I was 2 so Mum thought getting me tickets to see her would be the ultimate present. But also she bought me my first journal which I wrote my first short story in, so there's a sentimental gift!

Rachel: “When I was 6, I got it into my head that I wanted to learn to ride horses. At 7, my mum gave in and paid for my first lesson (even though riding is really expensive & we couldn't really afford it). From then on, my mum has paid for and supported (which means a lot of standing in the rain) my riding hobby right up to the age I was 18 and could pay my own way”

Debbie: “Last year on mother's day I was really touched as my Mum gave me a card saying to a fabulous daughter on mother's day and gave me this little bag about mum and daughter and a little pack of toiletries with it. Said it was just to say how proud she was of me as a great mum to my children.”

Jane: "The best gift my mother gave me, was giving me to another mother! I am one of the lucky people who was given up for adoption at birth. I finally managed to locate my birth mother a couple of years ago and it just happened to be Mother's Day when we made our first contact with each other! I now have the enormous privilege of having TWO fantastic mothers!"

Our Mums do a lot for us, whether big or small. We’re looking forward to showing how much we appreciate them this Mother’s Day.

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