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Making the most of Britain's busiest summer

This is one of the most exciting summers in memory with everyone across the UK keen to get out and celebrate together in style.

But, getting to and enjoying days out can be a money worry, especially for families. Headline events such as going to a musical like Matilda, or a festival such as Feastival are expensive for a family of four once you allow for travel, entry and food on the day.

The good news is there are ways of taking away some of the worry of breaking the bank, while making sure you still have fun together. Check out one of our favourite websites, Let’s Go with the Children, which provides a calendar of free activities for families by region. It’s a great resource to find events that are geared up for children and won’t cost to get into.

Once you have found an event to go to, the next step is to plan ahead for the money you’ll spend. Unlike the queues and weather, you can manage your finances to make the most of the day. A month or more before your trip, plan for exactly what you’ll need. Set a budget and start putting money aside. For tools that can help, check out the Money Advice Service which has a free budget planner. This can be used to work out your income and outgoings each month, and see where you could reduce spending in order to save for those memorable days out.

Family outings are also a good way of to start a conversation about saving and budgeting with children. Telling your child in advance about the day, what they can do and what they may want to buy will help motivate them to save their pocket money and manage their spending. For a smart, free interactive game about budgeting for children, visit pfeg.

Once your planning is done, the most important thing is to get out and enjoy what’s on together.

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