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Louise and Izzy's update from Tanzania

As you may know, our COO Louise Hill and her daughter Isabella are currently in the Tanzanian village of Mwambani, helping to build a school. In their first update since heading off, Louise talks about their work so far…

While we’ve been building the nursery school in the village all week, today we came to the current primary school 6km away to build desks. Two classrooms still have no desks.
There are 120 kids per classroom and four children to one desk. The school is 6km from the village and has 700 pupils. There are 16 teachers and one secretary. The charity provided water 20 years ago and electricity in two classrooms only three years ago. The new headmaster has worked with the charity to get results up from 41% pass rate three years ago to 96% pass rate last year.

Now they are working to finish 300 desks so all children can sit at a desk rather than on the floor.

You can find out more about why Louise and Izzy are in Tanzania here.

Stay tuned for the latest update from them in the next week.

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