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Louise and Isabella Hill are off to Tanzania

Tomorrow our COO, Louise Hill and her daughter Isabella fly out to Tanzania to help build a school in Mwambani. In her own words, Isabella tells the story…

I’m Isabella Hill, and I’m going to Tanzania with my Mum.

Who am I?

Well, as I said, my name is Isabella, but my friends call me Bella. I go to an amazing school called Priestlands who have supported me so well along the way and I’m fifteen years old so I’m in Year 10.

What am I doing?

I’m going to Tanzania in Africa to help build a school in Mwambani which is a small village where the children (who can afford it) have to walk 6km to get to school, which makes me feel incredibly lazy seeing as I moan when I have to get up and walk to my school which is only 1km away.

What made us think of doing this?

Long story short, both Mum and I have always wanted to go to Africa. We stumbled across a great charity called Camps International which is based in Ringwood in Hampshire. To us they sounded perfect for what we wanted; they have built and improved 30 schools, they are working to protect over 130,000 acres of wildlife habitat, constructed almost 200,000 litres of water storage, planted over 650,000 trees and done so much more that if I wrote it all out this could be a very long blog post.

My challenge

So I set myself a target of raising £500.00 before we left for Africa. My Mum and I set up a Just giving; page:http://www.justgiving.com/LouiseandIsabellaHill as well as me selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts at school (after asking permission from the Head of course)! The day after that I thought it would be a good idea to sit in a bathtub of baked beans for 4 hours. NO — it’s even worse than it sounds! They weren’t heated up and I was in the shade outside a charity shop on Lymington High Street. I was so cold I looked like a cartoon with little shiver lines and a blue tinge to my skin colour! I was an icicle pop!

Anyway I noticed a lot of people walking past with a very confused look on their faces. Those who were brave enough to venture over to the cold side of the street all asked the same question "What on earth are you doing?" So I spent most of my time explaining to people that I was not as mad as I may have looked and that it was all for a good cause! My extremely devoted Aunty and Mum stood by me, fed me hot chocolate and doughnuts as well as explaining to people and asking for donations; but on a serious note, I really could not have done it without them, so a big thank you to them both is in order.

The big question?

So I guess the big question is "How much have we raised?" The answer my friends, is £708.96!  Thank you to everyone who donated; every little bit you have given will go straight to the charity; none of it is to pay for us to go to Africa. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

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