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Looking for an activity for the kids? Try Geocaching

Are you looking for something to do with the kids that’s a little bit different this half term? We’ve got something in mind that’s certainly different, and it’s also free! All you need is some enthusiasm and ideally some helpful adventurers.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a massive free treasure hunt that is constantly taking place all over the world. It’s a great way to have fun no matter what your budget or where you are. Geocaches are small containers hidden around the world in secret places for you to discover. They often contain small toys or items from other people who have found them, so be sure to bring something to leave behind if you plan on taking things from the boxes!

How to start Geocaching

You can find geocaching sites online at geocaching.com and there are also apps for iPhone and Android phones. The best way to start geocaching is to just go for it. Download the app or check online for the location of Geocaches near you. Then gather some supplies…

What to take with you

You’ll need weather appropriate gear - wellies and raincoats if it is damp outside and a bag full of small toys if you’re planning to take things from the geocache, you’ll need one for each item you’re going to take out. You can also take a camera with you to capture the moment the kids unearth some buried treasure.

Tips and tricks

Start exploring! They’re usually quite tricky to spot, so if you don’t find it straight away don’t worry, there are usually tips online or on the apps as to what you are looking for. They can be hidden under bushes or stones or behind trees. Keep those eyes peeled! When you find it make sure to sign the log book letting people know when you found it and who you found it with. Then carefully place it back (or replace it if you’d like to keep it). Geocaching is completely free and fun for all ages.

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