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Keeping up with the keyboards. Or touchscreen. Or virtual reality headsets..

The world now is a very different place to when most of us grew up.
As kids, the internet was heard of as still a lightbulb idea somewhere in some smart guy’s head, along with other myths like wireless telephones, electric cars and a cashless society (yeah right! Oh, wait…). But now, everything that seemed like the most advanced technology in all the futuristic movies (that we watched on chunky TV’s you probably had to hit a few times to get it to stop being green), is our children's reality. We’re still waiting for the hovering skateboard from Back to The Future though...

Let’s be 100% honest, the majority of us have had that embarrassing moment with someone 20ish years younger sighing at you whilst trying to get you to understand why the screen on the iPad won’t stop turning, what a Spotify is, and how they just ‘face swapped’ us on snapchat, and then staring blankly at you when you try to explain what a board game is.

Technology is becoming extremely advanced at warp speed, and is becoming part of our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not. A few studies have recently enlightened us to the fact that children as young as 9 admit to checking their phones up to 10 times a night when they should be sleeping. Read more about this here.

It seems that most parents have two fixed stances on this... Some of us are adamant that our children should stay more or less technology free while they’re young. Play outside, get some dirt on your clothes and play with real people. Staring at the screen will give you square eyes, etc…
Others are embracing that our children are surrounded and fascinated by the amazing advances in technology, and are involving ourselves with it rather than trying to ban it from the house.

Neither of these are wrong approaches. Every parent has their own opinion, vision and value on how their child should be raised, but the one fact that all of us would absolutely agree on, is that whatever we decide to allow our children to do, or be involved in, is that we want them to be safe, sensible, and responsible with it. And thankfully, thanks to all the technology geniuses out there , there are millions of parental controls and tips to keep them safe while online and exploring different apps and games.

We also have some tips to help with this, as we know the internet can seem like quite a dark scary place sometimes.. But there are a few simple ways of controlling your child’s spend and browsing online, which you can check out here.

If we embark on this high-tech journey with them, then there’s more chance that we can make sure that they are being secure and smart with their gadgets. We could meet in the middle and allow the inevitable with their technology to happen, but there’s nothing to say that means we can’t have dinner table/bedtime bans, etc.

And at least if we keep up with what their up to, there’s less chance of us feeling silly asking them questions like “what’s a dog filter?”.

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