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Let’s face it - it’s the time the kids can’t wait for and the parents are never prepared for (no matter how hard we try). School Holidays. Half term is just around the corner, and not to mention it’s extremely possible that both parents AND kids are suffering with some “back to work/school” blues after the excitement of Christmas and New Year has officially vanished.

It’s the typical start of year routine where money seems short, and the days seem even shorter. So to perk up morale over the coming half term, we’ve got some fun (if slightly silly) ideas for you and your children to get up to, without breaking the bank.

  • Indoor Den Building - It’s time to channel your inner Peter Pan. Or Captain Hook, either one works. Get mattresses, duvet covers, lava lamps, snacks, card games, books, iPads etc, and create a little piece of distraction right there in your house. For free. Plus the more pillows/cushions you use, you’ve basically created a safe squidgy bubble for your kids to play in without the need of constant supervision. Unless you choose to give up being a grown up for a bit and join in, which we could definitely understand.
  • Treasure Hunt - Depending on your creativity levels (and time scale) you can create a treasure hunt for your kids to embark on. It doesn’t even have to be particularly elaborate, and the best part is it can be done in the house or the garden. Try hiding toys, or sweets, or if you’re feeling clever you could write some riddles to send them around to different parts of the hunt. The end goal could be either a prize, pocket money, their choice of Movie night, a day out of their picking.. Anything you can think of.
  • Board Games- They are literally the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t matter how many times you play Monopoly, Operation, Pie Face, Battleship, Jenga, even Scrabble - the competitive side comes out in everyone. Days of entertainment right there. Well, unless your game of scrabble descends into a battle of 2 letter words, then you know it’s probably time to call it a day!
  • Get exploring the woods - If you don’t already know what it is, have a look at http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/children-and-families/ a great way to find some woods and forests near you, lots of things for you and the kids to get involved in, or even just woodland activity ideas.
  • Garden Camping - Yes it’s a little cold at the moment. But with the right equipment (lots of covers and jumpers and pillows and blankets) it could be really fun. Share ghost stories to ensure no one sleeps through the night, so they’re all too tired to cause havoc the next day. You’re welcome. Oh and it’s great for stargazing.
  • Meal planning (and cleaning squad) - Ask the kids to plan all of the family meals when they’re off. They can write the shopping list of ingredients etc, go to the shops to buy them with you (great excuse for them to use their goHenry cards!) and then you could even let them prepare the meal. With supervision, of course.

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