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Jambo from Tanzania! A three part series.

Editor’s Note: In a three part series, 15-year-old Isabella (Izzy) Hill recounts her experiences travelling and volunteering throughout Tanzania with her mum, goHenry COO Louise Hill, last month. Read part one below as she reflects on her first days in the country.

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My mum and I have come to Tanzania to help Camps International with their charity work. We met the Rutledge family (a husband, wife and two sons) and thankfully we are all as crazy as each other. So far we have gone on safari for a couple days. Our driver 'John' could not have been nicer. He made sure that we found the animals we wanted to see and they were all as amazing as they look in the photographs. We were within 20 feet of lions, we had a baboon sit on our truck and with no pun intended there were plenty of zebra crossings in front of us. We were kept very safe but still given freedom; I think their main rule was ’if you see your guide running, keep up’.

The first safari was in the Tarangire National Park. They have to call it a park because the people have to look after the animals and protect them from poachers and the local people. It surprised me when we found a dead elephant lying by a watering hole, our guide 'John' told us that the elephant will have died from poisoning of the grass (the locals put poison to keep the animals from destroying their crops) and sadly it has a knock-on effect on the wildlife.


The second day of safari was fantastic, we all had so much fun; we saw lions, impala, hippopotamus, hyena, ostriches, elephants, warthogs and so many more. One tip — when you are stood in the truck with the roof up make sure you brace yourself before you take a picture because I came home with a large bump on my head from hitting it on the pole which supports the roof. But hey- maybe I can call it a souvenir?

Stay tuned for tomorrow as Izzy continues her reflections on volunteering and meeting inspiring characters along the way.

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