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Useful tips for helping you and your children manage their money

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Is the family winter clothes shop set to be a woolly nightmare?

Find yourself baffled every Autumn when you dig out your children's winter clothes? What is it we feed them that gets them growing so quickly! We’ve put together some tips for keeping this year's winter clothes shopping trip to a minimum as well as how you can get your children taking good care of their new woollies.

How much should I be spending on kids clothes?

This is obviously dependent on many things, but a good rule of thumb to make sure your shopping trips aren’t taking the biscuit, is to look at your overall budget and see what percentage of this is taken up by clothes for the family. If there is more going on clothes than other necessities, then you need to think about what it is the kids really need.

Lessons to take away from a winter shop…

One of the big advantages of shopping for the winter wardrobe is to reinforce the ‘want versus need’ lesson.

For children of any age, going shopping will fill them with desire… So it’s very important to remind them prior to a shop what it is your buying. Then, when they see something that catches their eye, you can remind them of what you can in for, so they learn that every time they go shopping, they don’t just get what they want.

This reminds them of the difference between them ‘needing’ that new hoody that everyone has at school and ‘wanting’ to replace their beloved trainers that fill with water every time it rains. Which is a great lesson for when they are older and managing their own budget.

How to get winter woollies to last longer

Our children can be pretty hard on their clothes. It’s important that they learn to look after their belongings. One great way to get them to understand the value of their items, is to make them financially responsible for them. When you go out and buy something new, make sure they know, if something happens to it, they will have to replace it out of their own money.

How to save yourself a wad this winter

There are sales-a-plenty on the high street nowadays, so be sure to keep savvy and shop in the sales where you can. Here’s a great resource from Money Saving Expert. Be sure to keep an eye on it for all the latest info on high street sales.

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