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Internet VS DAD (when it comes to advice)

Is it really June already? That means that of course Father’s Day is just around the corner. So why not think about one of the things dads are great at… giving advice of course! A study from The Money Advice Service back in 2014 looked into the financial habits of parents and the affect it has on their children. Over three quarters (77%) of children surveyed said they find their parents’ financial advice was most helpful. So, who gives out the best advice? Dad’s or the Internet?

Dad’s are often older than the internet

So does that mean dads have more experience? Well the Internet is a huge database of all manner of information. Any tutorial, ‘how to guide’, or lesson on how to do just about anything can be found on the web, with many different variations. For example, ‘How to tie a tie’ was listed on YouTube in 2009 and now has just over 12 million views. So if you want to give great advice, leading by demonstration is the best way to get the lesson through to the kids.

Dad knows better than the Internet – right?

One of the perks of going to parents for advice is the fact that we can adapt our advice to suit our children. After all, you know your child better than anyone. Going to the web for advice can lack that personal aspect that will really help your child understand and learn a new skill. Whether it’s school, relationships, work or exams, us parents have done it and so sharing our stories are probably the best way to help with any situation that a troubled young person may be in.

Bonding and learning

Can be done at the same time! So is your child just learning something new or are they having quality bonding time with their parents? When seeking advice from parents, children may find that they learn something completely new and interesting about you that they never even knew! In a society of increased television, workload and mobile phones usage, the amount of time spent bonding with family is taking a serious hit. This emphasises the importance of parents being approachable and ready to give out the best possible advice and life lessons.

So of course the internet is a fantastic resource for learning. Full of depth and detail in every area imaginable, allowing both old and young the opportunity to keep growing. Having said this though, it's always great to ask the ‘rents first!

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