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How to make your kid into an entrepreneur this summer

Summer. For kids it’s all chilling out on the sofa and going out for ice-creams right? But why not do something more with these valuable summer months? The employment landscape of the future looks very different to what we see now. Where previous generations of aspirational young people focused on securing good A-levels and a good degree, this is no longer enough. Entrepreneurship is key to the success of children in the future. No matter what they decide to do; get them thinking like an entrepreneur and there’s nothing they can’t achieve.

So, what does this have to do with summer? Every activity and day out can become a lesson that will set your child up for a successful future. Here’s how to use summer activities to give your child a lesson in Entrepreneurialism:

Step one: Buy an ice-cream.

While in the queue for the ice-cream van, get your child looking at the different prices of the ice-creams. Get them comparing the qualities of each of them, along with the price to make the best decision. This will help them learn to evaluate what’s available and what will give them the best return.


Step two: Go somewhere they’ve never been.

Teaching your children how to set and accomplish goals can be very rewarding. Having written goals are more likely to be achieved, so get your children to focus on where they want to go, what transport is the best for getting there and any fundraising that’s involved. Writing down a goal like this gets them thinking about how they can make things possible.


Step three: Set up a summer business.

Whether it’s a make-believe shop or café, or dog-walking and babysitting for neighbours, give your child the chance to experience success. Start small, but get them to think big. When selling cupcakes on the corner of my road as a kid, I had the idea to get other kids to do the same. Before I knew it, I had franchised my cupcake business and had 7 stands running in my area. Me and my friends all made lots of pocket money that summer.


Step four: Get out there and explore.

Curiosity is usually the first step in creating a successful business. Kids are naturally very inquisitive. Show them the world, ask them what they think of things, and answer their endless questions. Encouraging your teens to travel with friends might seem daunting as a parent, but getting them to spend time satisfying their curiosity independently will set them up well for doing their own research and thinking objectively about things later in life.

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